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Vogue Textiles Ltd. is a company incorporated in the year 1992 and went into commercial production of premium Jacquard Furnishing fabrics and Made-Ups thereof in year 1994. Company approached the capital markets in year 1995 with an Initial Public Offer and its equity shares were listed in Bombay Stock Exchange, Delhi Stock Exchange and U.P. Stock Exchange.

However with emergence of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Delhi Stock Exchange & U.P. Stock Exchange got marginalized and ultimately company continued to be listed only at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Ltd.). Thereafter Vogue Textiles Ltd. was compulsorily delisted by Bombay Stock Exchange in July, 2018. The company, Vogue Textiles Ltd. has been engaged in production of Premium Jacquard fabrics and Made-Ups, which it has been exporting to overseas markets of Europe & USA. Company continues to explore the opportunities in diverse fields but all has come to a halt in present pandemic ridden circumstances.